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More Catholics Than Jews Died at Auschwitz Between 1941-1943 by ConquistadorCoronado in Catholicism

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Wait.. is Voris a Holocaust denier? haha. Oh boy here we go. I'm going to enjoy this. His coming out of the closet wasn't spicy enough.

I thought you didn't post stuff about the Church that made us look bad @ConquistadorCoronado

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Vatican Launches Website for Youth Input on 2018 Synod by carnold03 in Catholicism

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Suggestion 1: Have the priests sign a pact stating that they won't abuse kids and if they do, they will face judicial punishment and be defrocked.

(they also shouldn't be allowed to attend graduation ceremonies)

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Birth Control Makes Men Cowards by carnold03 in Catholicism

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False correlations make folks espouse nonsense.

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Bishops Report: Pedophile Priests Are Typically Homosexual by carnold03 in Catholicism

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Well, this is retarded. Saying a pedophile who fucks boys is gay is like saying a zoophile who only fucks female sheep is straight.

And no, "under 10" is not the definition of "pre-pubescent", but nice try anyway.

These priests only get boys, that's why they fuck boys. If there were altar girls, then you bet they'd fuck those, too.

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