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Technically middle class but still just about paycheck to paycheck...


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Only considering first-world countries...

If you're single, you have disposable income but not enough to be considered rich. If you have a family, you're pretty squarely middle class.


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If you are including the entire planet's population, then $60k US/year is quite frankly top 10% if not top 1% in the world to the average human being. If the geographic prism is narrowed down to within the US though, that puts one in the middle-class descriptor. If you are a single person in the US making $60k, you probably aren't too bad off provided you aren't in one of the wildly expensive areas like NY, LA, etc. A family of 3 or more though, and you are living paycheck to paycheck and hoping that no emergencies crop up.


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https://archive.fo/MW64h :

Does $60,000 make you middle-class or wealthy on Planet Earth? - The Washington Post

'So what does it look and feel like, around the world, to be a part of the global middle class?'

'Middle-class families valued things that made their life better, such as air conditioning or a refrigerator, and they longed to own cars or homes. '

'In dollar terms, Kharas defines the global middle class as those who make $11 to $110 a day, or about $4,000 to $40,000 a year. '

'Am I in the global middle class?'

'Now we are about to have a majority middle-class world.”Today, the middle class totals about 3.7 billion people, Kharas says, or 48 percent of the world’s population. '

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