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https://archive.fo/AsMqJ :

OPP says ORNGE millions flowed back to Chris Mazza company but no charges will be laid | Toronto Star

'Detectives believed that ORNGE overpaid for the 12 helicopters and then $4.77 million flowed back to a for-profit ORNGE company that Mazza controlled. '

'It all came crashing down in early 2012 when a series of Star stories exposed problems at ORNGE. Mazza and all the top brass left or were fired. '

'It appears that when the decision was first made to purchase the helicopters, there was no provision for money flowing back to the Mazza company. '

'Mazza caused the non-profit, government funded ORNGE to purchase $144 million (U.S.) worth of helicopters from an Italian/U.S. company, AgustaWestland. '

'According to a 97-page OPP report released Thursday, detectives had a tough time piercing the corporate veil. '

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The guy created a series of shell corporations to redirect public funds, hired his completely unqualified girlfriend to a high level position, gave himself an interest free mortgage through a shell company, and took kickbacks from an italian helicopter company to the tune of millions.

And nothing... no charges, nothing.