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Canadian Forces looking to replace Second World War-era pistols but it could take another 10 years | National Post

'Replacing the 1940s-era Browning handguns has been on the Department of National Defence’s procurement list for years. '

'The Canadian military is looking to replace its Second World War-era handguns but it could take up to 10 years for all of the new pistols to be distributed to the troops. '

'Still the Canadian Forces figures if the purchase is approved – and there are no delays – it won’t have all the new pistols in hand and being used until 2026. '

'The military plans to conduct a survey later this year to determine what the role of handguns might be in the future Canadian Forces. '

'The Browning Hi-Power is one of the most widely used military pistols and is still in service in other countries. '

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