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https://invidio.us/watch?v=fWnS5nJoxJ4 :

Watch Michelle grill the Minister of Immigration - YouTube

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So I talked to my sister and her husband in Calgary. They and their neighbours are all voting Conservative.

I live in the same riding as the Gay Village in Vancouver, so I can vote People's Party without costing the Right Wing the Government.

But what about you? Have you talked to your neighbours? Are you guys going to split the right wing vote in your riding or have you settled on a consensus, yet?

This is imperative if you don't want a Liberal/NDP government.

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I'm going with PPC. Sheer just seems like Trudeau light.

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That's how I feel, too. But then there's Joans of Arc like Rempell in the Conservative ranks to balance out the cucks. And I think they can see which way the wind is blowin' (and know what's good for 'em).

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Literally all of my neighbors are immigrants of a certain variety and they're voting NDP. I'll let you figure out why... I need to move.

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We should all move to the same city and turn it into a city-state, lol.