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Niagara police officer in stable condition after being shot by fellow officer | CBC News

'A Niagara Regional Police officer is in stable condition in a Hamilton hospital after being shot by a fellow police officer in Pelham, Ont., the service says. '

'He was rushed to hospital in critical condition, but the service issued a statement Thursday evening saying he was in stable condition. '

'Niagara police say the officer who was shot has served for 28 years and is assigned to uniform patrol in Welland and Pelham. '

' Whether the person who was injured was a civilian or a police officer, the SIU mandate is invoked anytime that happens."', "Hudon said the watchdog has investigated cases where a police officer was shot by another officer, but noted it's too early to determine if Thursday's shooting shares any similarities with past incidents."

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could not say how many gunshots hit the officer, where he was struck or if both officers fired their weapons.

Did they reload? Check the magazines.

The spokesperson also had no information about what led to the shooting or their relationship.

Someone knows