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"Native" Canadians (migrants who wiped out the original inhabitants!!) have never had a problem that was their fault

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https://archive.fo/PkwTU :

Indigenous women kept from seeing their newborn babies until agreeing to sterilization, says lawyer | CBC Radio

'The 57-page report interviewed seven Indigenous women and compiled details described as "scare tactics" to get their consent. '

'Following an independent review in Jan. 2017, the Saskatoon Health Region apologized for the past coercion of Indigenous women to undergo surgical sterilization. '

'The Current requested an interview with the Saskatoon Health Region and the Saskatchewan Health Authority, but did not receive a response. '

'Lombard said the case is being taken against the physicians involved, the Saskatchewan Health Authority, the province of Saskatchewan and the Government of Canada. '

'"If it's happened in Saskatoon, it has happened in Regina, it's happened in Winnipeg, it's happened where there's a high population of Indigenous women," Boyer said in an interview. '

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