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This is unfortunate. I know that if he is successful in the short term we'll be stuck with Trudolt winning the next election.

I fully support MAD MAX.... after the 2019 election, but it's too late already.

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The death of MSM in the USA in the next few months is going to wreak havoc on Canadian Globalist press. People are awakening fast. Bernier will be the only choice. And once Trump starts to work with him, he'll rocket to the top. CBC, Global, CTV, and other fake media in Canada are going to die.

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Go Max! Got my vote in the west. Canada's last chance. People's Party of Canada. MCGA

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Not sure how he can win any seats in Canada's electoral system. The votes will be split between Conservatives and this new party.

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That is exactly what the globalists hope people will think. However, they haven't calculated the effect of the collapsing mainstream media in the US. Once all FISA documents are released and the hammer starts to drop on the fake media, all hell will break loose. Simultaneously Twitter, Facebook, Google, and Instagram are going to face antitrust suits. People will stop slurping up the fake news delivered by the likes of CBC, CTV, and Global. Canada is going to be 'red pilled'. Regardless, Canada is over. There is no chance of survival now unless we have a revolution. Reasonable minded conservatives and liberals have to move to Bernier's party. It's that or lose your country completely. My campaign is aimed at both Libs and Cons. Get in line NOW, or prepare to be defeated.