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Simple solution is to ban shootings in the city.


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https://archive.fo/e0RDx :

Rex Murphy: Tough questions need answering about the response to the Danforth slaughter | National Post

'Gang violence is a “sensitive” topic; gun violence is an easy banner. '

'In the far more abnormal circumstances of the mass shooting on the Danforth, the insistence on this protocol took on preposterous dimensions. '

'There are many elements in the response to the Danforth slaughter in Toronto worth consideration, some involving communications with the public, some on the various debates that are arising. '

'The statement should not circumscribe asking the necessary questions, nor should it delimit full inquiry into the particular circumstances of Faisal Hussain’s actions. '

'In the greater part of such episodes — bank robberies, gang arrests etc. — this is entirely a good thing. '

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