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https://archive.fo/pmJNA :

Former soldiers camp out in Ottawa to demand respect, better services - Ottawa - CBC News

"Sanderson said he hopes Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will hear and respond to the group's grievances."

'He also said the government is also committed to providing improved rehabilitative services to get able veterans back to work. ', "Braving the cold temperatures and blowing snow, they plan to camp out until Thursday, when a larger protest calling for improvements to veterans' services is scheduled to take place on Parliament Hill.", "Sanderson and Groot both said they were angered by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's comments during a town hall meeting in Edmonton earlier this month."

'Instead, Saunders said, the new compensation regime prioritizes critically injured veterans, leaving soldiers with less serious injuries with fewer resources and options. '

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Turdeau is more interested in welcoming ISIS soldiers than he is men who bled for this country.