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Couldn't even get a proper shave on. Look at that stubble.


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Not as humiliating as that outfit he's wearing.


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#blightofsociety speaks


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Montreal has some of the weirdest name restaurants i've seen . Look at this one is it called > New System Bar-B-Q . They also have a restaurant called > Just noodles . I feel bad for the women that have to deal with these fucking weirdos . I wonder why these people can't just use a Men Bathroom ? I would walk in the bathroom and think to myself oh look a fucking weirdo then do my business and leave . Why do they feel the need to harass these women i don't get it .


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That's what I don't get. For the most part dudes don't go to the bathroom expecting to feel safe and have a pow wow, we go in to do business and get out. As long as you keep it in the stall I could care less if you want to chop off your johnson, put on a wig and talk in a coarse falsetto. I'll be out in 20sec anyway.

The real tragedy is letting all of these mentally ill people mutilate their bodies because some counselor says it's acceptable and would make you feel better about yourself.


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Don't shitlord this strong, beautiful Transwoman. It's women like this that are advancing our society's cultural image of beauty! /s


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Its funny but considering the kind of disgusting degenerates that are into SJW stuff, going trans may have actually increased his chances for finding a boyfriend free girl.


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If you can't be fucked to shave off your beard, I have trouble believing that you're legitimately trans.


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Could, by any chance, this guy be trolling? Ridiculous outfit, ridiculous wig (bonus points for feminazi blue), ridiculous makeup, undone beard.

I don't know if he's a crazy karmawhore trans something or a master artist in society manipulation for the lols.


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You guys are so ignorant! They're gender fluid! It's more about what gender they're feeling that day. #Use their pronouns #notboygirl

(i have a video compilation of gender fluids getting triggered somewhere if interested)

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