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Hey, this is awesome. Thanks for posting so much by the way. I never thanked you for all you do. Thank you.

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One thing is "no political trials or indictments" 60 days before an election - this does not mean Trump has to follow precedent - I don't think there is a law prohibiting prosecutions, but I don't know - but then again, once the Supreme Court is clean - at least a majority - or have had their strings cut - if he does not secure Congressional majorities, the legal process should be fair,

Just got to wait and see...

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Lodestar - something to look out for - a NK EMP sattelite - https://www.reddit.com/r/The_GreatAwakening/comments/9dzcup/no_name_and_lodestar_and_the_1billion_coincidence/


Someone somewhere said Kissinger "Lodestar" mentioned it at the No Name funeral.

I noticed some months ago reports that NK had two sattelites circling the earth with EMP capability.