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  • Kids spend their days wrapped up in toys and imagination venues (movies,t.v's, tablets, computer games)
  • Older kids also have 8 hours of indoctrination camps and then have extra curricular activities ..plus homework.
  • Young adults have all of the above plus are hanging out socially and trying to find a mate/partner..might even have a P/T job
  • Adults have bills thrown into most of the above...and some are having kids.
  • Then you weed out the final distractions with tabloid style "journalism" that people use to become "informed"

Our lives are pretty much categorically predetermined for us prior to birth...as far as how our hours are spent. Even in our "down times" in the above, very few seek out the philosophical or the nature of their existence, let alone worry or wonder about things that they've never seen ...or places they've never been, people they don't know a thing about.

We're pretty easily controllable in this construct.

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This is true today, but it was not this bad 30-40 years ago. There has been a rapid acceleration brainwashing since the launch of the internet and smart phone technology.

Narcissism is a highly exploitable personality trait and people are willingly jumping in with both feet. Parents who park infants in front of tv screens and hand 4 year old's smart phones are a huge part of the problem.

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The brainwashing has been accelerated because of the way that the internet has allowed people an easier way to do research. Prior to the internet, you would have to spend days or weeks pouring over materials and now it is literally at your fingertips with you and others only needing to confirm the findings which doesn't take nearly as long.

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Fuck. Yes. The electronic babysitter/child rearer is an absolute fuck up for parents.

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No free time allowed citizen, might cause you to have a bit too much to think after all!

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Muh-Shugana <---- This guy gets it.

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FAMILY to FAMILY propagation, threats, planting of intervontinental missiles within reach, planted nukes in Embassies, corruption, money buys most, sex, sex trafficking, murder, and control of the megaphone.

I suggest you watch the Documentary THEY LIVE by J Carpenter.

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None of what you're tying happens if people had more free time. Were actually educated and informed. That's the issue. People who are kept preoccupied with nonsense busy work don't have anytime for themselves or their spouses or their kids. Guess who swoops up and handles that for them ?

I'm not saying you're wrong, I'm saying that what you're saying is only possible when the goyim is running around stressing out over nonsense bullshit. Which this system promotes.

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Intercontinental missiles are bullshit and so are nukes.

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Because the internet has only largely been popular for 20 years or so.

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and prior to this the Jews owned almost all of the publishing companies.

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The global satanic pedophile cabal isn't just pure evil... They are also illusionists who are masters in deceiving.

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It's all 'hidden' in plain sight. That's their M.O. oh... and they're all TRANNIES

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Hidden? This shit was never hidden, and it has aways been known to exist within society. Thing is that YOU never wanted to acknowledge it. Distraction is the way of existence now.

For example. Last weekend the wife and I went to my company employee appreciation day in downtown. Was pretty nice too. Well we were walking down the river on the sidewalk and couldn't help but notice that very few people were actually even paying attention to anything.

Of the 200 or so people we passed maybe 10 didn't have their head into a phone. Most were playing Pokemon go. Or walking dead.

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People watching is fun. I used to do it fairly often, but then I realized that I must seem like a really creepy guy so I don't do it as much as I used too. I used to go to malls and sit on a bench and watch all the obliviousness I was in the middle of, and it was fun. People are clueless as to what is going on around them and I find it amusing.

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It isn’t even people watching. It is situational awareness is all. Anytime and I mean always when I am out of my home I keep my head on a swivel because anything can happen at the speed of life.

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Last weekend was a pokemon go event I think... my mother in law does that shit... haha

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Ok fine I get it, but many families that were there were zombies that were no more aware of their surroundings than a weaponized cocker spaniel with autism.

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Evil people will do evil things but what enables it and makes it so persistent is wilful ignorance. The truth has been there to see the whole time for those with eyes to see it and you can verify this by looking to history and finding people that obviously knew at least part of the story.

Our freedom is interconnected and that is why we must 'red pill' as many as possible, to shine the light of truth in the place where ignorance currently reigns. However, it isn't enough to simply learn that "these people are evil" and "these evil acts occurred", the people must learn what enabled all of this to happen in the first place as this understanding is super important for what comes after. One doesn't simply remove evil and hope it doesn't come back, one must create an environment where evil cannot flourish.

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A lot of people who tried to break this story ended up dead. New news paper will print it and it is not on TV. Social networks made this story of our live time break.

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The best way to hide something is to have it out in the open.

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people only read what they want to hear. They are too stupid and afraid to go against the crowd and afraid to be ostracized from their friends and family.

The media and education system ridicule people who question what they say and the crowd just goes a long with it.

"All that takes for evil to exist in the world is for good men to do nothing"

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