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This is big. Like really big. This is what Trump et al has been working for this whole time. This is why Trump has been "slack" on Russia... because they had an agreement to do this. Putin gets these idiots out of his hair, the US folks in this mess will stop causing Russia problems. Trump gets to stop being harangued by these people. Did no one think it odd that Russia has been "behaving" incredibly well for the last ... what, year or so? Did they think that it was Putin trying to play nice to trick the whole world into complacency? No, he was waiting for Trump to announce the right time to release this information so that they could all be taken down at once. And "at once" is what needs to happen.

That is, of course, if this is true. This is the "exclusive" report on it. Time will tell. But if it's true, a lot of people are under a lot of stress right now because they know it's done. they're done.

Justice. Finally.

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If nothing comes from this we're running out of legal options.

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I want this to be true - I really do, but I'd like to see more verification than a radio show.

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It's not true. Or it would be all over with sources. 99.9999% of the shit from this sub is literally "ANY DAY NOW!!!"

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Please give 1 reliable unbiased source that would report this even if it is 100% true

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As much as I want this to be true, Hal Turner has a track record of being full of shit.

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Is this just me or does this article just seem like an add for those thumb drives?

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If this is actually true and correct then it could have a huge impact on any trials that may take place. The money side of is it secondary, even if one takes a bribe of one dollar and it is found to have changed a decision, then it is still a bribe.

One has to ask what juicy evidence that Russian's may have actually on the villain's we all know and despise so much. Legally they would be admissible in any trial as they were collected by a third party.

Most are looking for shock and awe, but this may actually be the beginning of the end, Lets hope the 160Tb of intel yields some gems.

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If this is all 100% provable and hits the mainstream it'll be one of the biggest happenings of our time.

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This suggests Trump got his server and related information on or before Independence Day July 4th

  1. Q and Trump have received the contents of a server which includes the following: A Total of 3 Terrabytes, and over 2 million documents.


Q 1681 Today, as Patriots, we celebrate our Independence.

Perhaps the 3 Terrabytes was a downpayment for the 160 Terrabytes Putin may have given him when he was in Helsinki.

Football - isn't that the name of the suitcase containing the nuclear launch codes? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuclear_football

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I'm reading this was a mistranslation. It was 400,000. That is still illegal funneling of money to a campaign! Still no mention....

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I haven't seen an official correction anywhere.

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