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Is Julian Assange alive?

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I was concerned last week after the supposed doxing of the ICE employees. Anybody have any theories as to what has happened to Assange exactly? Many theories and possibilities floating about.

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I believe so. They're not going to take over his social media and then continue to bash themselves. I may be wrong but he's said some damning shit since he's "died." Their ego's are too fragile to continue doing that to themselves.

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Yes, i believe he is still alive and working with the Federal authorities. Don't forget his mom started a Twitter account in May https://twitter.com/AssangeMrs .

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Congressional intern who yelled “Mr President, f&*k you!” at Trump last wk across the Rotunda identified. 21 yr old Caitlin Marriott. Works for Dem NH Sen Maggie Hassan. Not terminated. Suspended for a wk. Loses CapHill pass. Restricted to working in Hassan’s office in Hart

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how many years of her career climb do you think just got cut our from under her.

im betting about 5 at the very least.

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Top fucking kek. Let's all commit to making virtue signaling as costly as possible.

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They would be embarrassed if they were smart enough to realize that saying FU looks super weak compared to the substantial things that President Trump say says and does every day.

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To which trump should have said "no sorry, you aren't even close to being good looking enough"

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https://twitter.com/LisaMei62 http://archive.is/QpXm8

MUST-WATCH: Crowds in Iran are chanting "Death to Palestine!" Not to Israel. Not to America. But to Palestine. Hamas and Hezbollah and Palestinian Jihad can kiss their Iranian funding goodbye if the regime falls. https://twitter.com/SohrabAhmari/status/1011252617492787200 http://archive.is/0e7lm

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The jews want regime change in iran. Anything leading to/propagating for - this is their plan/propaganda. Don't fall for it. Their Q-psyop is part of it...

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BREAKING: James Comey Personally KILLED...

Well, that was a big jump in my chest.

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Over weeks and months of last year, Adam Waldman, a Washington lobbyist with ties to the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton, tried to lure Julian Assange into making incriminating admissions to benefit the Democrats’ campaign alleging Russian collusion in Clinton’s defeat by President Donald Trump.


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All I keep remembering is Comey saying to Gowdy that he hoped he'd remember the ass chapping he was giving to Comey when he "understood how things really work" way back shortly after the election. He was essentially insinuating the system was broken as fuck and his hands were tied and there was nothing else he could do other than as he had done. At the time I really thought he seemed so sincere. And maybe he was. Maybe they've got him by the balls and threatening his family or something. What wouldn't you do to protect your family, right? It's hard to have any sympathy for this traitor, but its also hard to understand how he can be such a fucking traitor at the same time. I don't think he's benefiting nearly as much as he's going to pay for all his sins and he knows it. So all I can think is maybe he believes it'll just be him going to jail or death for his sins vs everyone he loves slaughtered. Ugh. Such a slimey bastard.

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I read "James Comey Personally KILLED Julian Assange." Still reading it that way.

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Julian has recently had his internet connection cut off and is prohibited from receiving visitors. I am sure he would love to receive some words of support whilst this lamentable detainment continues. The address is below. Why not send him a postcard or write a letter? Better still, write to your political representative and ask them to take action.

Remember a postal stamp next time you are shopping!

Julian Assange Embassy of Ecuador, Flat 3b, 3 Hans Crescent, London SW1X 0LS UK

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