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Hardly a day goes by that something huge doesn't happen anymore. It's obvious we are at war.


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On Nov 8 Trump posted a photo on his Twitter showing "Thumbs up". In the image is a newspaper showing the take down of the Saudi's. The name of the image (right click to save and look) is "DOITQJ8UIAAowsQ.jpg" DO IT Q - there are no coincidences. Here is the tweet: https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/928325667556548608/photo/1


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--------------NOV 8--------------

"Jet Set Debt Collectors" Report $2 Trillion in pending claims around globe for SUPER RICH

POTUS pulls a swim move on DMZ

DOJ demands Movement of CNN in ANti-Trust involving AT&T

U.S. subpoenas Icahn over BIOFUEL

Obama Reports for Jury Duty (PHIL__BO_EXT_ 2 days prior)

Orthodox tension in Jerusalem, Israel

Cuba embargo Strengthened after attack on US representative

--------------Nov 9--------------

New JFK FILES RELEASE *13,213 more

Vault 8

Comet Ping Pong under investigation

Indictment rumors out the ASS

Macron to SA amid chaos

China reveals hypersonic strike aircraft

Russia Accident Pollution report from FRENCH NUCLEAR SAFETY INSTITUTE; significant quantity of Ruthenium 106, claiming plausible zone of release of lies between The Urals river and the Volga river which is a large swath of land straddling the RUSIA KAZAKHSTAN BORDER

Ex Facebook President ousts FB as exploiting human psychology.

--------------NOV 10-------------

Investigators question Netanyahu again

ISIS hacks radio sweden

TSA failing 80% undercover tests

Homeland warns of weaponized drones/aviation threats

Saudi orders citizens out of lebanon

Self Driving bus crashes

Toulouse Terror

Trump/China Trade deal/NK support

APEC SUMMIT Commencement

Mueller Flynn implications in media Flynn lawyers scoff at reports

Prosecutors admit destroying key emails in assange case

Bin Laden half brother arrested

--------------NOV 11--------------

Charlotte air traffic controlled arrested accused of having a WMD

SA escalations with Iran, jets scramble

Russia scandal befalls John & Tony Podesta, Podesta Group Epic Collapse

NASA testing lasers in latest test launch

ISIS Philippines factions threaten POTUS

4-day Joint OP W/ SK on E Coast of peninsula

US & Russia call for U.N. Supervised elections in syria


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Much better formatting. TY. Will add.


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This is really awesome. Thanks for doing this.


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Also that nytimes article Q posted has now gone 404. Related?


Edit: missed the l at the end.


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does the guy in that opening pic look like Jared from Subway, or what ?


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I use: qcodefag.github.io


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The old "Newsworthy" sticky is now linked here. I'm limited to 3 stickies and we should have a meme one. Plus having Newsworthy and Event Log stickied is a bit redundant.