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You think that's fucked up. I am from NH as you can tell from my username and I was working at a place with a cambodian woman. Well I was like 25 and she comes up to me and asks me "would you marry my daughter?" I was floored since her daughter was 13 but they wanted to stay in the US and figured this way they could. I just said nope because it was just so wrong on so many levels but she kept asking but no way I'm marrying a girl that may have just gotten her pubes and is like 1/2 my size. It's just wrong but I guess some cultures it's OK but not with me. I knew a bunch of other guys that had the saying, if there's grass on the field, that would have slept with her, but I thought they were creepy anyways, but fuck getting asked that is just so messed up feeling it isn't funny.

i believe you since i heard about this practice while living in overseas.the world is a fucked up place