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gofundme page for fired employee in 3...2...1...

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Nigger dealt with nigger problem in a timely and efficient fashion. Also, did anyone notice that the young nigger got fired, but the sheboon who repeatedly told a guest to “Get the fuck out.” didn’t?

The whole scene literally sounded like a zoo with the ooks and eeks.

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It sounds more like the old nigger got uppity behind the counter first, assaulting the employee in the process. The employee then defended himself and the others from this nigger who was going ape shit.

I respect anyone who works and that guy who got fired was trying to provide for himself and probably his family. You can't say that about everyone. I think he should have been fucking promoted.

I am thinking this one is going to back fire on chic-fil-a since the employee wasn't charged and the uppity nigger got assault charges. They jump the shark on this one.

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Black on black still finds a way to tarnish a name.

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