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Maybe people should crowd-fund the purchase of this jet, if only to find out where it's been from the flight logs.


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Do we get to keep the drugs in the plane as well?


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https://archive.is/8OimM | https://vgy.me/mGDcn5.png :

Want to Buy an Old CIA Rendition Jet? | Mother Jones

' Until a buyer is found, the certified pre-owned CIA rendition plane is available for viewing by appointment. '

'The jet flew for the CIA for more than four years. ', "The jet's history can be pieced together from news clippings, human rights reports, and Federal Aviation Administration documents."

'In addition to its executive trappings, the aircraft has a nifty seven-tank auxiliary fuel system—perfect for transatlantic flights from, say, Morocco to Cuba. '

'The Boeing 737 business jet seats up to 16 passengers and includes one queen and two single beds, a lounge bar, and three built-in 42-inch TV screens. '

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