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Conference play opens this week, and we all know what that means - time to shed the inflated records from creampuff-gorging tuneup time and squeeze back into those big-boy pants.

The Longhorns, fresh off a hilarious hari-kari on the brink of OT (by the gaddamn placekicker), hike up thier said huggies, drag the dead off the goal line, and shock the #25th ranked Mobilehoma State Cowboys at home.

Texas 35 OK Stae 28


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All I know about Georgia Tech I learned in 2008 when a Jordan Jefferson lead LSU Team coming off it’s worst season in years beat them 38-3.

All you know about Georgia Tech is one disaster in the Peach Bowl? You're right, you don't know much about Georgia Tech disasters in the Peach Bowl.

This week Tech plays Duke in their half full high school sized stadium. Tech will cover the 7 1/2 and the over 56 1/2, 49-21.

BTW, this is what Tech fans are remembering about last years frustrating loss: https://twitter.com/Longestday1/status/646115787120349184


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I'm not gonna lie, this year's Oregon squad has me nervous every single week and not super confident as we have been these last couple years. Utah is a tough squad and I see this game being a difficult opener to conference play. I can see us losing this one, but the Duck in me won't allow me to pick against Oregon.

Oregon 45 - Utah 38


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Uga v southern

This is a school so insignificant that they're named after a vague sense of direction. Fitting, since they'll only look vaguely like a football team on Saturday.

Uga - 55 Southern - some single digit number


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Texas A&M - 42

Arkansas - 14