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I really hope this game costs him the Heisman.


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https://archive.is/R3ZZY :

Lamar Jackson struck a Heisman pose, then fumbled and lost to Kentucky - SBNation.com

'With the score still tied, Jackson fumbled on UK’s 10-yard line with less than two minutes to play. '

'But things looked OK when Lamar Jackson, in his last game before bowl season, ran in for a touchdown and struck a Heisman Trophy pose. '

'No. 11 Louisville was struggling with Kentucky on Saturday. ', " His team lost to a 27-point road underdog, and the certainty that surrounded Jackson's Heisman candidacy is now more tenuous."

'The Wildcats took the ball and drove downfield, setting up a game-winning field goal try for kicker Austin MacGinnis. '

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