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The moderation is over talked about at this stage. It was even more criticised years ago at the peak when numbers and the
community were growing. IMH the moderation stuff has been grasped upon as a Thing To Fix but is a red herring and is akin to
rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic. It only looks like something useful to be tackled.

1) the New responsive site. It's shíte. End of. It's unwieldy as all hell and was a waste of time and resources(and I've heard this
from folks in their teens and twenties). The list of "how in christ's name did this get passed" is long. Hell, the fact that moderation
on the thing wasn't and still isn't up to speed is retarded. The proof of the pudding is in the eating and the traffic figures show
people don't want to eat your "responsive" pudding.
Deckchair rearrangement officer
2) Reducing the entire site's categories to "Topics" was a monumentally idiotic move. Well done, you've just hidden the entirety of
the site, information and community #slowhandclap As b_user_12 noted:

> Originally Posted by b_user_12
> There's so much content here but it's woefully hidden away.

3) Closed account feature. It makes the idea of an account and what that represents, throwaway and more worthless. Revisit the
requirement, get more or better legal advice, remove it.
4) Office disconnect and response times. How long has the subscriptions stuff been in play? Weeks? That's just amateur hour.
Too often the volunteer admins get some idea of what's going on, the mods get eff all and the users ditto, not until it's imposed
upon them. Apparently there's even a CEO. Apparently.
5) Get over the whole "improvement" treadmill. Stop bringing in bloody consultants and meetings so you can feel like a grown up
company and go back to the core of what the site was and still could be. There is much talk about not gaining newer younger
users, yet little is spoken of why the site lost the older long term users. Comfort and familiarity sells. Reddit is far more sprawling
and dense than ever was and is flying along. Learn from that.

> Originally Posted by b_user_13
> Despite Dav's own admitment that the new site is ****, no answer has been given as to why it's still being pushed out so
> aggressively.

There were Meetings(TM) and Powerpoint was powered up and Consultants were consulted and Visions were envisioned and
money was spent. And by god we're steaming ahead regardless. Perfect example of bought in middle management mentality.
Even typing this out I noted a dialogue in my head if I should use "we" or "they" when discussing Five years ago that
simply wouldn't have come up. We may at times have had some lines drawn such as mods/users admins/mods etc but even then
it was very much a "we" experience. I see some still feel that and that's good, but more and more of your core aren't and when it
reaches a tipping point, it's game over. It's about time you listened and I mean listened. Not palmed off the issues raised with
platitudes passed through the admins, who are also volunteers BTW.


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I personally think that the user base needs to know who the mods are. I know that myself and a bunch of the AH team get
contacted regularly by users with different issues. They feel more comfortable talking to someone they know about an issue
before following up on it formally, or they are looking for direction on how to address something.

Making mods hidden takes away that personal element and makes us look more like robots than people.