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We can identify various areas which could be improved but as I see it those are not the fundemental issue.
Way back there was not a huge choice of places where you could go for discussions, so Boards was the go to place for the Irish
online population. Now the landscape has changed radically. We have seen the rise of things like Facebook which has become so
dominant. Each newspaper,online publication, radio or Tv station has a comments section, which keeps a lot of the traffic on their
site where they want them. That way they will see their advertisments. We are involved with a small company with limited
resources and are competing against huge entities like News Corp, Facebook, Yahoo, MSN etc. who all want the same thing.
Remember the old adage "If you are not paying for it then YOU are the product"
For this community to operate sucessfully we need a critical mass of participants. They are not drifting away, they are being
enticed elsewhere.
I can see the problem, how to change things to save this site is the hard part.


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I normally don't bother to post in these threads as i can add nothing new but a few things i want to comment on, and apologies in
advance for the long post.

> Originally Posted by b_user_23
> But I know in Motors a lot of traffic is falling away because of persistence tribal bollocks being caused by a particularly
> cliquey and bull headed group, and a general piss poor attitude to anyone that asks a question the regulars deem below
> them.

It appears in most forums, my own included, but we try to stamp it out immediately and watch the usual crowd responsible closely.
However, and i'm not picking on Motors specifically but it's one of the few other forums i used to visit, but i posted there for a while
and then got fed up of exactly what you described.
I'm not in the least bit thin skinned, but when i have someone correcting me on the smallest point ever, and only because they
can, not that it's important. Well good luck to you sir, i'm off. It's not tolerated on Shooting and i cannot stomach on other forums.
The poster is only looking for a row, to belittle me (or others) and highlight our mistake.
I got it on another site i was, reported it to the Mods there and was told that technically the other poster was right, and what had i
to complain about. Left here site, and it's since shut down.

> Originally Posted by b_user_6
> New users are coming in and are being hit with rule after rule after rule, then you have older posters who think they own
> the place so stifle lots of conversations.

Two massive problems we faced in the Shooting forum and to some extent still exists. It also ties into the above. Once one poster
posts, you can almost tel who will come along next.
I know the post count was imposed after the hack some time back, but new posters we are attracting to the forum cannot post
pictures or videos and when we tell them why it's a case of "never mind so". Lazy on their behalf i'll grant you, but considering
most have only known Facebook, so when they come here and there are rules, and plenty of them they tend to think of it as too
restrictive and too much grief and rarely if ever post.

> Originally Posted by b_user_19
> Does anyone have creative solutions that can increase the post and view counts for I am always willing to
> experiment, so if you have ideas, please post them here.

Not sure how well it would work or if it's possible (or even a new idea), but the Shooting forum has a FB page. Through it we talk
to others, post with links to threads on the forum, answers to their questions with links to the forum.
Seems to be working. We experienced a drop for some time a few months back, but we have been working steadily to keep
bringing people back.
We also use the FB account to link to the notifications threads. It tells of events, competitions, details of groups, list of dealers,
ranges, etc.

> Originally Posted by b_user_25
> The search function is probably the only part of the site to function(ish). .

I rarely use it anymore. Even when i use tags or key words i know are in the thread title i get "No thread found". When i search
manually i find the thread and the title of the thread is the words i used.
Its not user friendly and frustrating.

> Originally Posted by b_user_28
> Also, looking at the negative reviews of Boards on other sites, it seems to be mostly from posters who had difficulty with
> getting on with other users,

We have a particular site that was set up by a current member of the shooting forum. Some of the other mods will know it. For
years it was adversarial, posting negative comments about us, and basically slagging off our forum and it's members (which was
surprising as his site was only new and all his member so far are members here so they're basically slagging themselves).
We never rose to their bait but they have actively trolled the forum under numerous accounts trying to disrupt the forum. One of
them is even a Mod on that site yet he has 11 banned accounts here.
In the end we denied them the publicity they wanted, although it took some serious cheek turning, and the incidents of this are
down to one or two a year from 5 or 6 a week.
Point being "you cannot cure a .............." (GoT fans will fill in the blank, think Bronn on Joffry) so best ignore them. If people follow
blindly based on the words of others, perhaps we're better off without them. IOW i wouldn't want seat fillers instead of active and
good posters.

> Originally Posted by b_user_6
> I'm not saying under moderation, more self moderation.

It's taken us years, but 80%+ of the posters on our forum can pretty much do this. It shows in the drop in reported posts as of late.
Our mod actions have been the occasional on thread warning to cool tempers, or putting up notices of possible line crossing, but
for the most part the posters can correct themselves and, without back seat modding, others to an extent.
We don't jump on this because when a correction comes from another poster it is taken much better than from a Mod and you'll
find the poster that was corrected remembers and is less likely to re-offend or better alerts others not to make the same mistake.
Again it's not back seat modding, but posters alerting others to possible issues, before they are issues and need Mod action