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> Originally Posted by b_user_15
> Yeah, there are multiple issues that need addressing.
> A few of the Admins had a meeting in the HQ recently and we expressed a lot of the sentiments above.
> So we are trying to fix things.

Any information from the meeting that can be passed on? What was asked, answered, what's happening in general, etc


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I've split this from the off-topic thread as there's valuable feedback here that we shouldn't lose track of.


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I doubt the new site is a problem for new users, they don't know any different really.
Unless as a new user it's totally unusable which I don't think it is. It's more unusable for someone familiar with the old one.
But there are too many rules and restrictions on new users.
People are not welcoming to new users at all and each one is looked at suspiciously as being a rereg until they pretty much prove
they aren' they probably don't know what a rereg is and a scared away by the accusations.
There is also the problem of the same splatterings pf poster having the same argument over and over and over and over and over
and over and over and over which aint pretty reading for anyone.

EDIT: I should also add that in my opinion, the internet population has changed alot over the last few years. People who would
normally not be in chat rooms or on forums now are accessing from their devices. In the past we would use the internet to talk
about things, a/s/l, have a people in general use it to complain.
I'd say the traffic has moved to places where complaints are more frequent such as the journal/liberal/youtube etc. A couple of
years ago, an article on the journal would have 5 or 6 comments. Now is hundreds of comments where people complain and pick
on each other.


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> Originally Posted by b_user_4
> Any information from the meeting that can be passed on? What was asked, answered, what's happening in general, etc

There's a more formal communication on the way, but I'll talk about what I brought up.
Job #1, as far as I am concerned, are the technical issues. A stage site is our core "business" (and I hate using that term), but its
not working. We had some discussion around why there is no magic fix, why there aren't an army of resources that can be thrown
at the problems, why things are taking so long to get resolved. I think we all agree the "we're working on it" line no longer carries
any weight.

We had some discussion around new users and how hostile the site can be. This one, I believe, we can fix as a community, rather
than requiring HQ.

There was a LOT of discussion about the commercial realities of the site, along with acknowledgement of recent cock-ups. A plan
is being formalised to ensure these kinds of things don't happen again.
There were a good few more things, with a strong acknowledgement from HQ that there are lots of issues, ranging from technical
to commercial to community that need fixing. Plans are being formulated, discussions are being had at many levels.
So unfortunately, there's not much more I can say at this point.


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> Originally Posted by b_user_23
> But I know in Motors a lot of traffic is falling away because of persistence tribal bollocks being caused by a particularly
> cliquey and bull headed group, and a general piss poor attitude to anyone that asks a question the regulars deem below
> them.

I see this in PI and Parenting too. Massively frustrating and while we do step in to address it, usually by that stage the new user
has experienced the nasty attitude and is long gone.

The other thing is that on all other sites, people have more control over the content they post. Other sites are more
accommodating of having forums with a 30 days auto-delete area, removing a posters posts, or letting people namechange as
often as they want for anonymity. It's still visible to mods but not to users. On this site, we do none of that, for seemingly valid
reasons, but ultimately if people don't like those rules, they will simply vote with their feet and post on forums that give them more
control over editing what they post.


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Does anyone have creative solutions that can increase the post and view counts for I am always willing to experiment,
so if you have ideas, please post them here.


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I still think hiding everything under 'topics' means people don't stay and browse as much as they once did.
Netflix has it's "next episoe playing in 3-2-1..." to keep you watching and "maybe you would be also be interested in..." to keep
you coming back for more. There's so much content here but it's woefully hidden away.
I also think getting rid of 'closed account' 'banned' etc being visible under usernames would be good. Make the place seem less
like half the users have disappeared.


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> Originally Posted by b_user_12
> I also think getting rid of 'closed account' 'banned' etc being visible under usernames would be good. Make the place
> seem less like half the users have disappeared.

Maybe if we could have "re-reg" or something as an option as well as Banned/Closed Account? Well over half of the "banned" are
the same four or five posters with a bizarre obsession. I'd say Scanlas and Bob alone account for half of it alone. At least then
people could see why this and that poster has been given the boot and it's not just because we're stifling discussion.


User: b_user_4

Great idea and I would have thought, easy enough to implement. The amount of banned and close accounts littered across the
site looks shocking


User: b_user_1

I think getting rid of tag lines would go a long way. Moderators and up are identified by bold names, stars and it states the role
below the username. Tag lines are redundant, IMO, and the amount of 'banned' and 'closed' tag lines is seriously off putting.


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The site is always at its quietest on a Sunday I would think.


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In terms of visual and therefore discussion accessibility, could be an idea to ensure de-emphasis of the 'star ratings' and post
counts on everybody's public profile. Might make it a bit more enticing for new users to participate when they don't feel like they're
facing off against 'super users' or what not. Think the simple user/subscriber/moderator/admin tag on the touch site feels like a
more level playing field
I don't use the new site, but that's one of the positive changes over there. Think there's even room to
downplay those simple tags TBH.


User: b_user_23

I'd agree with getting rid of user tags. Mark mods/admin as necessary but regular users, should have nothing regarding their
actual status.