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Torba seems to be going out of his way to make sure he has no credibility as a champion of free speech.

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What should he do? Unless he makes his own browser, which is unlikely to gain any major support, he is still forced to play by the rules of Google, Mozilla and Microsoft.

If they use this as an excuse to ban dissenter from their browsers and stores the project will die shortly after.

Unfortunately we let a bunch of control freaks own pretty much the whole internet infrastructure... it is not dissenter's fault but ours.

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What should he do?

He could start by not banning words.

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Was good while it lasted....

Thanks for not doing this @puttitout

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SO you can post...but only what they want.

I see.

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Just like I said a couple weeks ago and got called a shill/nitpicker.

What is the fucking point of a "Free Speech" platform if you limit speech?!

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GAB is a niggerfaggot site and Torba is a niggerfaggot. Niggerfaggots niggerfaggots niggerfaggots. Niggerfaggots and cock suckers.

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It is a scam and a deepstate honeypot.

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This is just to exist in the extension "store" which enforces these rules. You can go to the site and manually install the extension that doesn't have any restrictions.

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The only well informed reply and of course it's at the bottom of the post.

Tarded faggots are lowering Voat's collective IQ everyday.

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How dare you question the echo chamber.

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Ykk head

I’m gonna need some help with the others ?

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