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After watching 'The Greatest Story Never Told', I was furious for a few months

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Nowhere near as pissed as when I found out about what they did in russia.

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Disliked Jews long before I learned the truth. Felt pretty disappointed honestly.

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I came on this understanding gradually. My first inkling was when I learned how critics of the Holocaust narrative were being abused by Jewish groups in North America and Europe. I felt outraged that such injustice could occur in our modern world. This was before we started to see the current lunacy and street violence of the liberal fascists such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter. My outrage caused me to do some research. At first, I couldn't believe that everything in the media and what was taught in the schools was a lie, but gradually I realized that the narrative of the Jews just didn't make any rational sense.

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the entire world is under a false narrative that covers for communists murdering russia.

how to break the fairy tale apart though?

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Almost all historians acknowledge the Holocaust as having happened.

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Because they live in countries that would throw them in jail if they didn't

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That's because they belong to academia and within academia there are topics that get you to lose your career. It's similar to climate science and not receiving funding for coming up with the wrong conclusions. Sorry that it's a conspiracy I'm sure you don't like that but as I've noticed, a lot of conspiracies are impossible to ignore after a while.

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There are many parallels between the Holocaust fraud and the man-made global warming fraud. It's no accident that skeptics of AGW are called "deniers" by the elite who are pumping the fraud. Academics don't dare come out against the AGW narrative, any more than they dare speak out against the Holocaust narrative. In both cases, the truth is held hostage.