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i should send you a picture of my dr650, you'd probably go holy shit


*if had it over my knees in water before


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Sure. I'm on a DRZ now.


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DRZ's are nice, a lot lighter

here ya go


its heavily modded, but the major things

cogent suspension Mojave Pro rear shock, and from ddcs i think 5.2 springs with adjusters

cant see it but a GPR steering stabilizer

it has road tires on, but i have another set rims with 606's that I swap out

gxer 40F0 pipe with kintec midpipe

proyclye racks, i have mulepacks for panniers and duffle for rear I could on on and on oh and pivotpegs, seat and tank obviously

lost my heatshield tho


oh and a TM40 carb