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I didnt even know it worked that way. So if I want to support the site should I watch videos in a new tab then leave the tabs open when the video is done or something?


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One reason that Bitchute is able to make the claim that it does, that it supports Free speech, is because the videos it lists are shared via a distributed system, bittorrent. However, what unfortunately seems to be happening, is that Bitchute is becoming a single point of failure, a centralized system just like Youtube.

The theory is that many people will host and seed the torrents that they watch on Bitchute. How many people actually do this, though? Relatively recently, an average video on Bitchute would have about 3 seeds. These would probably be the original uploader, a bitchute owned/controlled seedbox, and (probably) a backup bitchute controlled seeder.

If Bitchute gets squeezed, all the videos indexed there would be lost, and the Bitchute seeding would end and the whole lot would be lost.

If you are in the process of watching a video, you will be leeching it from a seed, but your browser isn't seeding it, as far as I understand. Some clients like webtorrent allow you to stream / view a torrent whilst you are downloading it, but most people don't retain and upload the content they have viewed for the benefit of others.

So your question is most pertinent. I would like to hear what others have to say, too. I think one possible alternative solution in the future is ipfs, Inter-Planetary File System, https://ipfs.io/