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So this is a special project.

The bike was made in England in the ‘70s. It’s dewigned to be ridden all day, with no problems. It is not lightweight at all, though, but does situate the rider nicely upright (unlike modern hybrids) while putting them on thicker than road bike tires, and on a comfortable sprung leather seat. (Don’t just buy a big one, get one that really supports you!) that a person can wear normal clothing on and feel alright while riding.

The centrepiece of the spokes is a generator that produces electricity as it spins. I swapped out the internals of the original light for a single powerful LED in the original casings of the headlight and taillight.

I’m trying for the life of me to preserve the sizes and dimensions of this bike because I love how it handles, while making it a bit easier to live with (e.g., wheel rims that are lighter, & rust-proof Aluminum, as opposed to the all-steel parts pictured).

I might have to swap off some parts just so it doesn’t look so rusted out but I’m trying very hard to find parts that will both fit and have the same exact shape (e.g., can’t use a road bike’s Long stem to replace the rusty one, because I’ll then be reaching further forward.) and fit the vintage look.

I don’t want it to become a theft magnet, either, so while I’ve checked the chain (it’s not stretched out, just old and rusty), and accept that the headlight case will have pitted spots of rust, I’ve accepted those facts. I will keep the friction shifting, too, to reduce the resale value (I have no intention of ever selling this).

I am looking online for a nice brown leather bag to go on the back to complement the seat and frame


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Looks nice.

I agree a leather bag would accent the overall vintage look of the bike.


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What is it? A three speed or a five speed?


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Five- the derailleur's a good giveaway.