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lovegoesalongway Rule Violation: Spam; Description: beg somewhere else EarlPoncho 9 months ago
UchihaMadara black pilled beta EarlPoncho 1.1 years ago
formatist censorship is for betas EarlPoncho 1.2 years ago
National_Anthem ur gay lol EarlPoncho 1.2 years ago
YouWontLikeThis scared of women EarlPoncho 1.3 years ago
Owlcheny supreme beta EarlPoncho 1.4 years ago
Chimaira92 all atheists are betas EarlPoncho 1.4 years ago
TheodoreKent dont tell me what to do EarlPoncho 1.5 years ago
OKythen EarlPoncho 1.5 years ago
cyclops1771 illiterate EarlPoncho 1.6 years ago
Diaspora76 so beta he lets his friend fuck him in the ass for drugs EarlPoncho 1.6 years ago
Highly_Satisfacer alcoholic EarlPoncho 1.6 years ago
ElusivePoster stalker beta male EarlPoncho 1.7 years ago
p0ssum commies not allowed EarlPoncho 1.7 years ago
Puttitout_Is_Fake lol EarlPoncho 1.7 years ago
tanukihat low testosterone beta male. come back when you can do a pushup EarlPoncho 1.7 years ago
justsayingmaynee new account to be a faggot EarlPoncho 1.7 years ago
Memorexem very low testosterone EarlPoncho 1.7 years ago
The_Penis_Wizard fat fucking beta male EarlPoncho 1.7 years ago
chags follows his jewish masters too closely. sad! EarlPoncho 1.7 years ago
rspix000 whiny, commie, low test EarlPoncho 1.7 years ago
Tb0n3 "why hate why not pity them?" EarlPoncho 1.8 years ago
oiseaulibre who cares faggot EarlPoncho 1.8 years ago
zbrennan back to eddit you spineless faggot beta EarlPoncho 1.8 years ago
I_Go_To_Neckbeard_U self explanatory EarlPoncho 1.8 years ago