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“My gf is with her boyfriend tonite. He crossed over with the caravan. They’re going to transition into the opposite genders on Tuesday after going to the adoption agency to adopt a POC. Friday we start the hormone treatments for little “Shaniqua”.”

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I've seen this post before, there's a picture of him with stormy at some book signing which usually accompanies this picture.

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You mean the picture he's using as a bookmark?

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Fuck, you can smell the soy.

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There is enough soy in this picture to feed china for a year! And a few lucky chinks even get cat meat.

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I mean... Really?!

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My uterus just puckered up inside itself.

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They got the whole snowflake thing wrong. Whenever I hear a liberal talk about snowflakes it just makes them look stupid.

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Same with "cuck" and "NPC".

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I am now dead from a soy overdose. Thanks.

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I can hear heavy breathing coming from the picture. This isn't a fat joke, I really think soy messes with your lung capacity.

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