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"Hey, is it okay if I jerk off in front of you?" - Louis C.K.

What a loser.

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"I have issues"

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Lol, wealthy comedian who pretends to be enlightened but is really just shitting on poor people.

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so its not affirmative action, among other thing, forcing people to hire against merit? man, and all this time i thought those ooga boogas were totally qualified for work (and countries) they have absolutely no business in.

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xeno nice to see you around. I've been missing your commentary.

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thanks. its good to see you around, too. as i recall, you post good stuff.

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So basically he is justifying Third-World Shit on us. He is part Mexican so this is understandable(always come back with a good logical fallacy with these people, to spin the argument out and enrage them).

He is saying well you are shit because your establishment chains you down and provides only jobs to foreigners. He essentially just saying flood America with Third-Worlders. That is no argument. Its not argument. Its dictatorship. This is why we need to do something soon.

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Jewish and Mexican.

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Yes Louis, it's because Americans are all shit. Not because companies can pay these people half to two thirds of what they'd have to pay an American, and eliminate almost all benefits.

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Like slaves need college, to speak English, or have friends