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Playing arcades like kids while praising the fact that there's none to annoy them. They are stuck in adolescence.

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Cities fucking suck, yall.

Fuck traffic. Fuck skyscrapers. Fuck people.

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Dunno about you, I think skyscrapers are examples of the might of white man. The Empire State Building for example.

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As something pretty to look at they're fine. Like the pyramids or something.

But in practice, in use, they're a symbol of a lot of what's wrong with the world.

Shoving so many into such a small space is dehumanizing. It makes people feel like cogs in a machine, takes away personal responsibility and pride, and moves people towards collectivism.

Think about it long enough, and you'll see significant numbers of society's problems are tied to high population density and the constructions that enable it.

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So... The bar-cade might be cool if this guy didn't go there...

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They are actually really fun. Too many hipsters though.

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If there were no words, and just that picture with your title it would still be funny.

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I feel like I need a shot of bull shark testosterone after reading that.

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Good one, but that crop gave me smallpox.

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Its fucking hilarious because I just visited Toronto and this could pass for a play by play of almost every conversation I heard/had when the locals heard im not from there.