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While I suppress the nausea from the headline, let me note that those eyes signal to stay away.

Edit: Here's the actual post: https://snew.github.io/r/harrypotter/comments/9b389h/to_say_my_wife_was_happy_when_i_walked_in_with/

I don't know whether I'm more relieved that the headline was fake, or more disturbed that the photo is real.

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Her double chin already signals to stay away.

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she is a fat hog, but I don't know what is wrong with her eyes. look normal to me, just big pupils.

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Did the title of the post get changed? The content op OP's pic doesn't match what's on that page.

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Fake. Don't fall for the lies of OP.

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Dat face

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...wife and her boyfriend...

Two people inhabiting one sack of skin takes up a lot of room.