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Damn... That's just sad. Could have spent the money on a gym membership, decent bike/gear, amino acid complexes, and health food, and subsequently wooed a great/real compatible lady, but instead stuck with cheetos, gaming computers and twitch donations to rando gamer grrrls... I'm sure Grandma would be soooo proud how that dweebtard spent her hard earned money... Creepy as fuck that these basement dwellers exist and in droves.

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Amino Acid Complexes? What do you mean?

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17 thousand dollar inheritance! Wew lad.

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His grandma saved that money for his future. Guess it's better than getting hooked on heroin but damn son! Motherfucker coulda went to a bunny ranch and at least have gotten laid out of the deal.

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I remember the good old days when I would have felt like a king because I had 17 large in the bank. I think that's called, "nigger rich."

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It still puts you heads and shoulders above the suckers living paycheck to paycheck in their attempt to keep up with the Joneses.

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Fuck, I'm not even hateful. I just pity this poor faggot.

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This cant be real.

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Probably is.

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I am guessing he had no strong male role models in his life - all he knew of how to be a 'man' was the bullshit and lies that were pushed on him via TV.

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It would be sad if it wasnt so sad.