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Who is this skanky bitch? what kind of name is Austyn? do people have no class? no shame? like bastardized Pig-Latin version of August and Austin Texas? or maybe its even a combo name... 'Aus-Tyn' like a white name Audrie...and ghetto ...Tyrone... combined? sheeeit !!? Just having a look at her public posts...she doesn't own a motorbike or a bicycle but can be found on ❤️ 🚲 vaginas for sale!? A lot of her old crew on this social media thing seem to have deleted their names but their posts are still all public, why do people do this insta fuckerberg fuckbook crap? did they block her or are they just arrested or dead...what a typically shit un-interesting life to read, a bunch of boring boring so called friends... a new child with no biological father and a trashy young mother. ....she is like the old town village bicycle...pretty comfortable saddle but no brakes and can possibly send you off a cliff....but everyone can have a go on her?....Also pole dancing, Evangelist Catholic my ass!! !

But she's got so much more B-ball, cRap music...all the signs are their for a nasty little culture-less air-head whore in the making, then put on the make-up dolled up to look pretty...I've hooked up with some pretty women and I can tell you there is nothing worse than some pretty woman with no brain cells empty in between her ears and a mix of CRAZY!! the sex might be ok but its not worth it....many folklore cultures warned about this types sirens, witches, succubus, harpy, black widow types they eventually can destroy even great civilizations. Granma has some old Germanic Jew name meaning welinge a name for someone who was worn out or 'withering' in 'decline'..I wonder what Gran parents think of her out of wedlock kid? Seems to be some dead dude in the family Mathew David Hamilton? What happened to the traditional family who made women stick kids up for adoption they could not raise? Knocked up young and she's already all over dating websites giving her “jungle survivor” instagram facebook BLM opinions? bla bla communist slogans, bla bla race, bla bla socialism, bla bla hedonism...but don't worry feminist sisters this girl found religion. New Oprah, Merkel, Hillary style voters in the making. .....but it will all be ok she found this new man, everything will be ok kisses unicorns memes..

....New guy, he's got cock on his brain for sure and he is there for a few more fucks, he will be gone in less than 2 yrs, maybe even months...this woman is attention whore trash, half naked looking for attention from her other prostitute friends who are long gone....she probably has not met anyone in real life for years. The only friends she has now are a collection of weird political femi-nazi online lesbians and sleazy instagram facebook men looking for a quick fuck....he will be gone soon....then she will be over him in a flash and on to try marry some other sucker...the State, Welfare, Taxpayer pays for these skanky whores and they try pass on their STDs to someone else. Back in the day people like this would be publicly shamed now everyone goes online and cheers and supports their degeneracy with 'likes' posts, flower unicorn memes and shit...fucking trash giving themselves a make over and trying to act class. So this is what trailer trash in the making? Muddy duck Madness illustrated!? future addicted hooked big pharma anti depressants? public schools producing bottom feeders? Tax payer funded future feral generation of trash? Maybe big brother is rolling in his grave, I've read enough. Have an upvote I guess I enjoyed the read if if I hated reading her life. Next sob story?


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my cousin named his daughter a combination of the 2 chicks who introduced them to each other. think like devley for devon and ashley and that is similar to the white trash name that my cousin gave his daughter