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surprise "watch mommy bang a nigger" isn't on there


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except he gave the BJ to her boyfriend


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If i have to work for a blow job, i dont evern want it.


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a reluctant unenthusiastic married womans BJ


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Guy is gonna come home to her getting dicked by the neighbor and wonder why his tactic of being treated like an adult baby didn't go over well


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Yeah charts like this are not a good idea in a healthy marriage. Using doing nice things for each other as a reward punishment system just leads to resentment. Do nice things to be nice. If you're wife is shit testing you either ignore it or alpha up. This is probably just a shit test to be honest and this guy failed big time, only saving grace I can see is he filled up the bj row first, assuming this is the only card.


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To be fair it is not really nice things but more like normal things. When we married and my wife was working full time (not a careerist, we simply needed two incomes) and also part time after having one child, I tried to play alpha and go "hurr durr I am a traditionalist man I do no housework do it yourself" so I would be playing vidya games while she was working her ass off washing the dishes at 21:00. And it did not work at all sexually or otherwise in the relationship. So basically I had to think it over and actually participate in these stuff like a real adult, for example I don't hate driving, she does, so I take the child to the kindergarten every morning because I can do it comfortably with a car, for her it would be freezing in the bus stop. And I also volunteered to do most of the bathing. And it may be beta but it helped to have her some actual free time, not much but like 1 to 1.5 hours a day, and it really improved our relationship.


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Contributing is not beta. it's a healthy, respectful adult behaviour.


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I agree, helping out at home is an important part of a healthy marriage. I don't as much as I should by I try too. It just shouldn't be put on a chart with set rewards.


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You got your wires crossed somewhere son. Even as a tradhusband who has a career and brings in six figures (and having me as a stay at home trad wife), he still helps out. If you aren't helping you are a shitty trad husband and roommate. There is nothing "alpha" about playing video games all day while your wife runs everything. What a cuck.

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Its not rape if she previously said "I do"


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This wouldn't be so beta if those sexual favors weren't on there. Every other reward is a one-way favor which she gains nothing from, whereas sex is supposed to be a mutually enjoyable experience, so when she starts prostituting herself like this she's saying she needs a reason other than sexual desire to put his cock in her mouth. Maybe he's just a useless cunt and this is the only way to move his ass. Maybe she's just dried up and full of resentment because he is so tired from


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jesus christ, stickied

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