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Background story.

I wasn't too sure about posting this story as it really pisses me off but does have a happy ending thanks to a stranger being nice to people.

tl;dr Elderly man's dog escapes and loses his collar. Humane Society alerted. Dog turned into Humane Society. Family not notified, Dog adopted out to a new home. Two days later the original family found out and contacted the Humane Society who said they could do nothing. New owner refused to return dog as they had "grown attached" to him in 2 days. Stranger hears about the story and calls the Humane Society offering the new owner money to return the dog. Turns out they were attached to the dog but they liked money even more. I don't think that the guy is rich either because he said he used the money he had saved up for an Australian vacation.

update: The benefactor has been given a trip to Australia.


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I was put in a similar situation a few months back. I adopted my dog who had just been adooted by somebody else. That person gave up our dog because they were moving and a pitbull isn't the easiest to find an apartment for. While doing a rescue run for the agency I heard that the second owner wabted him back ... I faltered but shook my head no. I've already had him for close to 2 months. He was chained his whole life until his second owner. When I picked him he had a nasty old collar and covered in ticks -- healthy but still needed love. If he was a run away or got lost, I would have gladly gave him back but he wasnt.

he's a pain, but he's family now!


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You don't give a dog back when it has been relinquished.

I fostered a red nose pit bull for a year and she was a huge pain in the ass. For the same reason I would never have another Border Collie. Great dogs but way too much work for me.


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Awesome! Collies are cute but I don't think I could handle all the attention they need.

Reds get really big don't they?

My 2 rescue pits (1 smallish blue low rider, 1 taller Brindle American style) are awesome. Loving, sweet, and powerful.

If they didn't have at each 3 times id be happier. I've got them in house separated and it's really sad because I cant keep them together (I'm scared they kill each other, while biting me doesn't scare me).

They really are low energy dogs but since theyre Pitts -- the park is rather off limits. Which is a bummer.