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Random discussion in the main channel (#voat) and whatever people wanna' do in their own subverse's channel, I suppose. Can't think of primary uses other than random discussion and organized meetings so that people don't have to wait for private message replies.

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Might want to mention that 6697 is the SSL port

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Ah, I thought that was the standard and evident to anyone familiar with the platform. I'll include it in the main post, I suppose.

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newb question. do I need to put [ ] when i type commands or are they place holders?

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They are placeholders, don't include the brackets.

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If you already have an IRC client (where it be the opera built-in or Firefox Chatzilla, whatever), here are some one-click links to connect, HYPERLINKS AWAY!



You're welcome. Don't forget steam:// and ts3server:// (TeamSpeak3) are also valid URL-preffix ;)

EDIT: They don't seem to be hyper-links in Voat, if someone could pick this up?

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You need to insert them into Markdown link syntax:

[[IRC]](irc://irc.veuwer.com/) [IRC]
[#voat](irc://irc.veuwer.com/voat) #voat

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That's helped, but elsewhere, it can be directly linked, IMO, it can cause transparency issues with links.

At the very least I'll advise anyone else, for the way Voat handles links, hover over them and see where they lead before blindly clicking,

it's a good way to troll, re-emerging rick-rolls ahoy!

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Are you kidding me? I've been dying to find a working IRC server. I'm so there.

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I'd like to also highly recommend Quassel as an IRC client; for the average user who just wants an IRC client, Quassel (monolithic version) is very nice to use, customizable with CSS stylesheets, and has a wide range of options to configure as desired. For the more advanced folks, Quassel can also be split in half, with the Client looking exactly like (because it is) the front-end of Quassel Monolithic, and the Server running on, you guessed it, a server. The Server half stays connected to the IRC networks as long as it is running, and multiple Clients can connect to it and all see (and speak) as if they were directly connected. Using the server stores the logs in a SQL database (SQLite and Postgresql are currently supported), and I'm not sure about the monolithic.

Quassel runs on all platforms, though the Server is recommended to be put on a Linux box (can be done on Windows, though I hear it's less fun).

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Joining now.

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I'm not sure about this. I want the landscape for IRC on this site to remain open because I don't want another Snoonet.

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Could you explain what you mean by that? :X

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Basically, Snoonet is the defacto network for Reddit. Because of this it is extremely difficult to reach out to Reddit communities because everyone has the idea that a Reddit centric server is automatically the best no matter what. This doesn't even add to the fact that Snoonet is a cancer to IRC and other smaller networks as a whole.

I really don't want the same thing to happen to Voat. I want all networks, especially smaller ones, to be able to play on equal grounds on this site. For example, I run Techtronix. I can't compete here of everyone suddenly flocks to an unofficial server that is trying to claim Voat.

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