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Looked like pills fell on the ground after the first girl was tackled. Perhaps trying to hide them which caused the first scuffle?

Edit: NVM, watched again and cop had the pills at the start

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I dunno...

17-year-old Aumbria Urban and her 14-year-old sister, Jewelianna

Their mother basically sent them to jail with their birth certificates. Or in her selection of sperm donors.

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Smell of marijuana coming from vehicle. - Ok, so possibly an impaired driver. And "Tyrese" has warrants out, so he's arrested. -Nothing wrong there.

Firearm is found in vehicle and article says that there will be charges. - So an illegal firearm was found in the vehicle, it could belong to any of the occupants, so all occupants of the vehicle were arrested. - Despite the fact that one of the occupants was named Tyrese and had warrants out for his arrest, that doesn't guarantee that the firearm belonged to him. The police aren't judge, jury, and executioner. So the police are required to arrest all occupants. - Nothing wrong there.

Were they arrested because they dindu nuffin and the po-leese be rayycist? Were they arrested because they were recording? Or were they arrested because they were riding around in a vehicle with an illegal firearm, resulting in all of the vehicle's occupants being arrested?