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This is not believable.

A Slate editorial - because they don't know how to research or print news, is not supporting evidence.

And the court filing is just allegations by his (probably ACLU provided) lawyer.

It is possible there was a mistake and this really happened. If so it is unsurprising that seditious marxists would spare no expense to hold up the first example ever of this. It helps offset the continuous stream of cases where illegal aliens rape, and murder indiscriminately in every jurisdiction in America.

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I get fed up with voaters who question credibility as if it were a political litmus test. If you click, Slate has a bunch of links to other interesting parts of the puzzle that were not written by Slate. Do you think that the ACLU hasn't looked at the length of stay records from the Florida county lockup? Is anyone who doesn't swallow your narrative a marxist? In the event that you are just toooo pure of hearty to even click on a slate compilation of background story, here's some more articles to the same effect:




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