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If you dont think for a minute they dont have gangs within the pd,you are dumb. They actually have cops jumped in,but not by their brothers in blue,they fuck up citizens and get points,the only way to be a made man in the pd is by riding dirty,when you are dirty you are compromised.....meaning you will be loyal,if you dont tow the line,you will get Dornered...just like Christopher Dorner. Funny in his manifesto he claimed certain LEO were dirty,and after all was said n burned.....he was right on the money. Of course their are gangs in the PD ...Kelly Thomas was the sacrifice,and Manny Ramos pussed out,and the entire world pretends it isnt so.

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Cops are gangs. Change my mind.

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https://archive.fo/nki5o :

In historic upset, Alex Villanueva beats incumbent Jim McDonnell in race for Los Angeles County sheriff - Los Angeles Times

'“I never claimed to be a politician. '

'That’s not who I am. '

'I am a career peace officer. '

' My goal was to do the right thing for the people of Los Angeles County, not with an eye towards reelection, but to be protective of the 10 million people in our county,” he said. “I don’t regret the stance we took on any issue.”'

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Send in the National Guard immediately