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Only 10 white children were raped during this time. I shudder to think of all the hate memes that spread during this time also.


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Jesus Christ. He might have been wanted scum but that is no justification for that waste of police resources.


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https://archive.fo/SgQaI :

Police spent £18,000 and sent 100 officers to stand off with one man who was mooning them | Daily Mail Online

"Cardiff Crown Court heard Foley was wanted on recall for prison and had a 'long history of dishonesty,' with 68 previous offences."

'Cardiff Crown Court heard that £18,000 and 900 hours of police time was wasted trying to apprehend Foley on June 5. '

'Christopher Foley, 51, mooned and taunted officers during a 45-hour standoff in Tredegar, South Wales. ', "Police squandered more than £18,000 of taxpayers' money to deal with a builder who pulled his pants down at them."

'He told officers he had been drinking beer and had taken 56 sleeping tablets and a box of Nurofen. '

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