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I've gone to burning man twice, and had a blast both times. The second time the cop presence was ridiculous, made me question if I'll ever go again.

edit: this was years ago, if it's been steadily getting worse I can't imagine the police state it would be by now. Let people party in the desert without big government deciding how. Sadly when I mentioned on several burning man forums (reddit and otherwise) the leftists there were strangely pro-cop. Was very strange, I complained about people needing permits to give out free food, and the crazy drug searches. Liberals, even crazy burning man hippie liberals, will not give up big government even when it impacts them directly.

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Burning Man turns cops into idiots. If you don't dress like a raver or burnout, you're completely fucking invisible.

I had a cop think I was an undercover simply because I was wearing earplugs.

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Turns out, you are just a loser.

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yay surveillance state continues. small govt...I just don't see it.

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Time for drones to be used to ferry candy and other delights into Burning Man.

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Every officer involved should be executed. No probable cause for a search = kidnapping.