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Alright I think we're being way too quick to call someone a Jew without all the facts. The facts are as I see them are pennies are legal tender and it wasn't even very many pennies and they are rolled up so they should have been able to take them. if the government won't take pennies what's next they won't take quarters won't take dollars maybe our whole money system is actually worthless. The guard is clearly in the wrong to choke the guy out when he's trying to leave, he's seemingly escalating the situation for no reason. Also the fact that some towns use parking tickets and speeding fines as much as they can for as many little infractions as they can makes it hard to live your day-to-day life. In those towns the government no longer serves the people.


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Especially when 'tickets', that you never receive, or pay, are now turned in to warrants for arrest.