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If it's guaranteed to be 1v1, and you know how to take a fight to the ground, then BJJ is a good option.

Prioritize top control and only use guard as a last resort.


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I think BJJ is very good for self defense, but I do not think it is the best martial art. I think judo is the best for self defense as it gives you a better ability to put yourself in a position to control the fight's location with throws, and throws onto things like concrete and pavement hurt a lot. It will also teach you enough grappling skills to easily outclass someone without any experience, granted it usually will leave you with a large discrepancy against a BJJ practitioner.

I believe that a large reason to why people seem to think striking techniques are better for self-defense is because they are shown so effectively in movies. You can tag someone who is significantly better than you. I did that the first time I tried boxing. I have used BJJ in self-defense and I believe it works well.