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What are these people even talking about. Ttp hasn't even gotten out of dfat let alone into parliamen. The notice returns are probably only due in on the next few days. Just look it up in hansard if you want to watch it for yourself.

Edit: looked it up. The hearing was on the 24/8. Just over a fortnight ago. There is no way its made it to the chamber already. especially with the senator whos name I always forget watching over it. It will take some digging but I will check whats is on the table.

Edit2: and confirmed, TTP and sub bills are not tabled. This is fake news.


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Thanks for taking the effort to look things up.

I think the part about it now being able to pass is in reference to Labor deciding to support the TPP, giving it bipartisan support, so the government is no longer at the whim of the crossbenchers and can now table it with confidence of passing.