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I'd be happy except that I don't listen to radio anyway.

All the DJs, hosts, whatever you want to call them are vapid leftist propagandists. The music is shit and full of niggers, and the commercials are ridiculous in number and content.

Good riddance to her, although I'm sure we haven't seen the last of her.

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I dont, nor do i read the paper to often, but every day news.com.au or the herald sun includes several whine pieces from the same half a dozen various women, including Em Rusciano, that contain literally nothing of any content, other than being whiny ass 'this is too hard because X, this is bad because Y, im a strong feminist because Z' articles, and those women, have not once, written any kind of piece that resembles anything close to a fully researched article that sticks to the tenets of journalism.

these are the kinds of women that begin everything they publish with 'Its a proven researched fact that X is a very real problem....' where X = 'a repeatedly loudly and soundly debunked feels vs reals non issue that only effects women with fuck all to do with their time than whine and beta faggots can white knight for social justice points over'