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Paywall bullshit.

Australia's been fucked since you fell for the Port Arthur scam.

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Good thing all the law abiding White folk are disarmed.

You guys are the next South Africa. The only non european country where niggers are running riot.

And you can't even buy firearms. You are so fucked.

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What scam would that be?

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Jesus wept, you people are thick.

So you think a retard can do the job of an assault team, and then teleport across an island.

You clearly know nothing about the subject.

Typical aussie cuck.

edit - Do the right thing!

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Yep! You've got my likeness down to a "T". Do I know you or something?

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I heard this story on the ABC news in the car today. Guess which piece of information they "forgot" to mention.

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Um, the piece we were all waiting for to confirm our suspicion and we weren't disappointed.

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How did Australia get so many Africans?

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believe it or not africans in collingwood actually increase the local IQ....

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You're an interesting kettle-of-fish, i_scream_trucks. You're a security guard, you hate the gun-culture of the US. Indeed you seem to dislike Yankees, if not Canadians. Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with you expressing views but why don't you tell us a bit more about yourself? What is your position on: crime (law & order), guns, immigration etc?

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The failed State of Victoria, Australia,continues on its downward slide.

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Lol (I don't use this term lightly), your whole country is fucked, mate.

It's fucked. You lot are a bunch of "do the right thing" pussies.

Don't forget your bike helmet!

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Thats hilarious coming from an american.

Hey when is your official language going to be changed to reflect the actual population? Mexican? Are you going to make it mexican below the mason dixon and arab above it?

Where, exactly, IS dearborn?

Ah well, if youre ok with your kids being shot at school who am i to argue.

How long do you think you can defend yourself locked in your own house during your next civil war? cos every single one of your dopey as fuck mother fuckers somehow seems to think sitting on your porch with a fucken shotgun is the same as organised armed resistance.

No wonder youre so fucking terrified of yourselves.

Once south africa falls, what do you think your niggers are going to do? You think youre going to be able to stop it given your aforementioned preference for, doing nothing.

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"A male Collingwood resident was drawn to his windows at 2:30am on Sunday morning when a group of about 60 to 70 youths of African appearance started brawling outside his window." (Weekend Australian 2 Sep 18).

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Soon Melburnians will be living behind steel shutters, their front gardens concreted, side-paths closed off, waiting for a riot to come to their street.

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Obliterate all zomboids.

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