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The coal burning Burch says she's not sure if it's a genocide...

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That's Rita Panahi, and she is definitely not far left and doesn't play the victim race card. Lefties hate her guts.

She is, however, pro-Israel, but we can't have everything.

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Boring. No far leftist, just a woman who isn't very well read (or is being deliberately ignorant) making accusations about fake news while making stuff up in the same breath. Why would anyone want to listen to a news/talk show pundit anyway? It's so easy to do the reading yourself.

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Isn't she a coal burning like?

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I never liked watching her, I don't consider her particularly attractive, and her voice is irritating to me for some inexplicable reason.

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Niggers should be disgusted with themselves always playing the victim, dindu nuffin excuse card.

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She's not white

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Yeah she's a kike

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But she's not ethnically white if her grandmother was a jew.

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Key part is the "if" though right? Because the only thing that ties her to being jew is she said her real last name is simonsen and some jews also have that name, not exactly exhaustive investigating.

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